ART AT RISK Conference

Creative Work in Challenging Contexts

Zurich, 27.-29.2.2020

The ART AT RISK Conference in Zurich, held from February 27th to 29th, 2020, serves as a pivotal platform for exploring the intersection of art, risk, and resilience. With its thematic cores, the conference delves into the multifaceted challenges faced by artists and the art community in today's world, while also celebrating the transformative power of art in challenging contexts.

Thematic Cores:

An artist creating street art amidst urban decay, symbolizing the risks faced by artists in expressing themselves in challenging environments1   Risks for Artists: Beyond physical risks, artists face legal, social, and economic challenges that threaten their ability to create and express themselves freely. Legal prosecution, censorship, and social stigma can stifle creativity and inhibit artistic innovation. Moreover, economic pressures and lack of financial support can force artists to compromise their artistic integrity or abandon their creative pursuits altogether. Through panel discussions, case studies, and personal testimonies, the conference aims to shed light on these risks and explore strategies for supporting and protecting artists in challenging environments.

2A painting partially covered with black censorship bars, representing the challenges of censorship and artistic freedom   Risks for Art: Despite the challenges, art and creativity have the power to inspire, educate, and unite communities in the face of adversity. Art contributes to the resilience of civil society and democracy by fostering critical thinking, empathy, and dialogue. Moreover, art serves as a catalyst for social change, challenging entrenched power structures and amplifying marginalized voices. Through workshops, interactive installations, and collaborative projects, participants will explore innovative approaches to harnessing art as a force for positive social transformation.

3A diverse group of individuals participating in a community art project, symbolizing the transformative potential of art in promoting unity and social change   Art and Creativity as a Resource: Art and creativity serve as invaluable resources in navigating and addressing the complex challenges of our time. Through their ability to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and inspire action, art and creativity contribute to the resilience of individuals, communities, and societies. By engaging with art in all its forms – from visual arts and performance to literature and music – participants at the conference will explore how artistic expression can foster dialogue, promote understanding, and catalyze positive change. Through interactive workshops, presentations, and collaborative projects, attendees will gain practical tools and insights for harnessing art and creativity as powerful tools for social transformation and conflict resolution.

The conference brings together practitioners working in socially engaged art, challenging contexts, and art & conflict transformation. Artists, representatives of organizations, and stakeholders from governmental and non-governmental entities converge to foster dialogue, collaboration, and concrete solutions for supporting artists and promoting artistic freedom worldwide.

Registration and Logistics:

A diverse group of conference attendees engaged in discussions and networking, showcasing the inclusive nature of the eventRegistration for the conference is open to the public and can be completed online through the official conference website. Early registration is encouraged, as space is limited, and demand is expected to be high. The registration fee of CHF 150 covers all conference-related expenses, including access to panel discussions, workshops, networking events, and catering services. Attendees are responsible for their travel and accommodation arrangements, although discounted rates may be available at select hotels in the vicinity of the conference venue. For international participants requiring visas, visa assistance letters can be provided upon request to facilitate the visa application process. Additionally, conference materials, including program schedules, venue maps, and logistical information, will be distributed to registered participants in advance to ensure a smooth and seamless conference experience.

A table set with various culinary delights, representing the hospitality and inclusivity of the conferenceThe conference organizers are committed to providing a nourishing and enjoyable dining experience for all participants. Catering services will be available throughout the conference, offering a diverse selection of delicious and nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages. From energizing coffee breaks to sumptuous lunches and dinners, attendees can look forward to culinary delights that cater to a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions. Whether enjoying a leisurely meal with fellow participants or grabbing a quick bite between sessions, attendees can expect attentive service and high-quality cuisine that enhances their overall conference experience.

A table set with various culinary delights, representing the hospitality and inclusivity of the conferenceEnglish will be the primary language of communication at the conference, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds. All presentations, panel discussions, and workshop sessions will be conducted in English, with simultaneous interpretation services available for select sessions upon request. Additionally, conference materials, including program schedules, abstracts, and participant guides, will be provided in English to facilitate engagement and understanding for all attendees. The use of English as the conference language reflects the global nature of the event and promotes cross-cultural exchange and collaboration among participants from around the world.

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